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In this exciting project, you will be guided step-by-step in the creation of this beautiful three-dimensional piece of art. You will learn the basics in creating depth among the various flowers, and by carving in detail, each of the flowers will give flow and movement to the entire composition. Also, work on cutouts to make negative spaces, creating a delicate and elegant array of floating flowers. Along with this, you will learn to identify the shadows and the source of lighting to be more accurate when carving and shading. Finishing the piece will use metallic and transparent acrylic paint to embellish and enhance the flowers and shadows of this beautiful piece, giving it an even better depth to the whole composition.

Additional information

Class Date

Sunday, September 8th

Class time

9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Rosario Wilke

Skill Level


Gourd Included?


Gourd Notes

Ensure that your gourd is clean, inside and out. Any shape will work, as long as it is no smaller than 9” (the pattern is 8” x 5”).

Required Materials

Assorted Burrs, Clean Gourd, Diamond Riffler Files, Dremel or Rotary Tool (not battery operated), General Gourding Tool Box, Heat Gun, Paint Brushes, Power Strip, Sanding Sponges, Wood Burner (with tips)

Extra items available for purchase

Diamond riffler files, burrs, and sanding supplies will be available for purchase.