2020 Gourd and Fine Art Festival

2020 Gourd and Fine Art Festival

Saturday, September 5th & Sunday, September 6th
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Extra classes on Friday, September 4th. Pre-registration required for all classes.

COVID-19 Notice:

Due to the COVID reopening orders, this festival has been postponed until June 26 – 27, 2021. Save the dates—we will be having more fun in ’21!

The 2020 Gourd and Fine Art Festival will be held in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley in Amador County, CA. It will be among several well-known wineries and held at the gorgeous Amador Flower Farm

There will be the Northern California Gourd Competition, 3 days of classes, vendors, fine art booths, a gourmet food truck, demonstrations throughout the weekend, and more!

Northern California Gourd Competition

During the festival, the California Gourd Society will be hosting their Northern California competition, with the prizes awarded to the best gourds in many categories, including:

  • Patterns
  • Pyrography
  • Coloring Techniques
  • Distinctly yours
  • Dazzle us
  • Embellishments
  • Filigree
  • No Limits
  • Show us what you can do
  • Light fixtures
  • Containers (e.g., vases)
  • Nature’s Wonders
  • Make us smile
  • Pieces of art

Amador Flower Farm Special Category

There will also be a special category honoring Amador Flower Farm. This category will be judged by the Amador Flower Farm staff. See rules for more information.

A man handing a first prize ribbon to a woman

Festival Activities

  • classes by 3 award-winning gourd artists
    (pre-registration required)
  • Northern California Gourd Competition
  • raffle prizes (plus a special raffle)
  • gourmet food truck
  • vendors
  • demonstrations

Joyce Campbell Playtime sculpture

This stunning gourd, made by artist Joyce Campbell, will be the prize for our special raffle.

Featured Instructors

Lisa Baurmeister

3 decorative gourds with different paint schemes

Lisa, a self-taught artist, has always kept one foot in the door of art, while concentrating on her professional career, as an Executive Assistant. When it was time for her high-tech career to end; her Artistic career began. Then she found the Gourd. But it wasn’t until joining her local gourd patch in 2016, that she really immersed herself in the world of gourd art. Since then, Lisa has won three, “Best of Show,” three “People’s Choice” and a 2nd place finish in the 2016 ASG Artistry of the Year award. Lisa has committed herself to all-things-gourds by volunteering with her patch, the California Gourd Society, as Editor of the Golden Gourd Newsletter and Contributing Editor for the AGS Magazine’s “Featured Artist” column. In 2017 she was certified as an AGS Competition Judge and judges every chance she gets. Now, in 2020, Lisa is in her second year of teaching others the joy of Gourd Art. To learn more about Lisa and her gourd art adventures, go to www.lisabaurmeister.com.

Olive Moore

A decorative gourd container with a draonfly and some cattails

Olive has been creating gourd art since 2007 which has won many awards in local and State competition. She enjoys growing her own gourds. She also teaches gourd classes throughout California and in Arizona. Her artwork has been featured in the American Gourd Society publication “The Gourd Magazine”. Olive is currently the president of the California Gourd Society. She is also a Certified Judge Trainer with the American Gourd Society and judges at most gourd competition events held in California.

Joyce Campbell

A decorative gourd lamp with wolves and trees

Joyce Campbell had a chance meeting with gourds over 25 years ago, and it changed her life completely! Art was always a big part of her world, but there is something different about gourds. The gourd offers a gateway to many disciplines leading to endless possibilities. To master gourd art, she learned to wood burn, carve, coil, dye, filagree cut and so much more. Her time is now spent teaching, competing, doing gallery work and festivals, talking to a wide variety of groups and, some years, even growing her own manipulated gourds. Gourd art offers something for everyone at every level of expertise. It accommodates various styles and direction. That is quite a lot to say about a humble little gourd grown in your garden. It truly is Nature’s gift to the artist!


We are looking for gourd-related vendors and fine artists to join us in our festival. We have inside booths and outside spaces available. If you’d like to be part of this exciting festival, please apply here.


The 2020 Gourd & Fine Art Festival will be held at the beautiful Amador Flower Farm in Plymouth, California.

Nearby Amenities

In addition to the festival, Amador County has many restaurants, places to see, and things to do. Some common locations are listed below, but you may also want to contact the Amador County Chamber of Commerce. Keep in mind that this is a popular time of year, so book early!


Amador Harvest Inn
(1.3 miles from the venue)
(209) 245-5512

Plymouth House Inn
(4.9 miles from the venue)
(209) 245-3298

Rest, a Boutique Hotel
(5.1 miles from the venue)
(209) 245-6315

Shenandoah Inn
(6.1 miles from the venue)
(209) 245-4491

Sutter Creek Inn
(13 miles from the venue)
(209) 267-5606

Days Inn
(13 miles from the venue)
(209) 267-9177

Best Western Amador Inn
(17 miles from the venue)
(209) 223-0211

Jackson Rancheria Hotel & Casino
(19 miles from the venue)
(209) 223-1677

RV Parks

Far Horizons 49er
(5.4 miles from the venue)
(209) 245-6981

Jackson Rancheria RV Park
(20 miles from the venue)
(209) 223-8358


Note: there are several restaurants relatively close to the venue, but none close enough to get lunch during a class lunch break. We will have a gourmet food truck onsite on Saturday and Sunday, but if you are taking a class on Friday, you are strongly suggested to either pack a lunch, or order a sandwich, which we will deliver to you.

Marlene & Glen’s Diner
(4.8 miles from the venue)
(209) 245-5778

(6 miles from the venue)
(209) 267-5507

Taste Restaurant
(6 miles from the venue)
(209) 245-3463

Amador Vintage Market
(6 miles from the venue)
(209) 245-3663

Buffalo Chips Diner
(14 miles from the venue)
(209) 267-0570

Jackson Rancheria Casino
(20 miles from the venue)
(209) 223-8401

Featured Classes

Friday Classes

Wolves in the Moonlight

Florals & Filigree

Dragonfly & Cattails

Saturday Classes

Design, Color, Embellishments, Oh My!

Tilly the Tortoise

Mushrooms, Mice, and Monarchs

Sunday Classes

Tips & Tricks for Painting Your Gourd

The Mandala

3D Poppies